According to a report from Korea, Samsung Electronics haven't yet finalized its agreement with Samsung Display regarding the supply of QD-OLED TV panels.

It seems that Samsung Electronics wants to get the QD-OLED TV panels at a price equal to what LGD is offering its WOLED TV panels, but SDC cannot accept this. If the two companies cannot agree on a price quickly, Samsung will have to delay the launch of its QD-OLED TVs (the current plan is to start shipping the TVs in mid-2022).

Samsung indeed did not officially reveal the QD-OLED TV product at CES 2022, even though it did plan to do so and even received an award for the TV. It is interesting that Sony did launch its QD-OLED TV, and is on track to become the first TV maker to start shipping QD-OLED displays.

Samsung Odyssey G8QNB photo

Samsung Electronics planned to order around half a million QD-OLED TV panels in 2022. It seems that the current price disagreement may also delay the launch of Samsung's QD-OLED 34" gaming monitors.

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