Towards the end of 2014, it was reported that Samsung Display aims to lower the cost of their OLED displays, to be more competitive with LCDs (some suggested that Samsung aims to bring small-sized OLED cost below that of competing LCDs).

Now Digitimes reports that according to its sources Samsung indeed aims to close the gap between OLED and LCD pricing during 2015. In 2013 an AMOLED panel used to cost about $10-15 more than a competing LCD (they probably mean a 4" - 5" panel). In 2014 this shrunk to only $5.

Samsung's OLED production cost is still 10% more expensive than LCDs, but apparently SDC aims to close this gap in 2015 (even though LCD prices are also dropping following new expanded capacity at Chinese LTPS-LCD makers and Sharp expected IGZO handset panel price drop).

In July 2014, display market analysts at DisplaySearch estimated the AMOLED prices will fall below LCDs within two years.

Following weaker-than-expected AMOLED sales to Samsung Electronics in 2014, SDC is aiming to diversify its customer base and lower Samsung Electronics' OLED share to 50% within 3 years.

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