Samsung aims to start mass producing OLED TV panels in Q4 2012

Samsung Electronics president says that Samsung aims to start mass producing 55" OLED TV panels in the fourth quarter of 2012. This is in line with earlier estimates, even though at the beginning of the year Samsung hoped to begin mass production around June or July of 2012.

Samsung does plan to continue and lead the global TV market, and they see OLED technology enabling them to making a "second leap forward". Samsung's president further revealed that he sees transparent displays as the next emerging technology following OLED. Samsung thinks that ultra-definition is not going to be so important in the near future due to the lack of content.

Posted: Sep 02,2012 by Ron Mertens


In the linked article where President of Samsung Electronics division Mr.Yoon Boo-Keun is on picture and have been interviewed that he believe that "transparent oleds will be next emerging product of oled displays" when Samsung Electronic division Presidents says this, it is easy to understand that this is a Samsung decision from the management.

So probably will Samsung Youm displays grow in size forthcoming years.

Samsung Mobile Display have recently started to manufacture this Youm amoleds on flexible substrate up to 10" so in just some years Youm amoleds will of course grow in size, why not over 20"!

Note that YOUM are flexible displays, not transparent ones. I personally think a flexible plastic-based OLED is more interesting than a transparent one, at least in the near future...

According to The Korean Herald from 31 August 2012 where President of Samsung Electronics division have been interviewed (and is on picture) Mr.Yoon Boo-Keun, express that OLED displays will be emergent display property in some years.

If Samsung Mobile display is making "Youm" amoleds on amorf polyamide substrate, it have this property that i could be transparent because of that amorf polyamide is transparent be its nature.

It's not so much the substrate that determines whether or not an OLED display is transparent or not. Mainly it is the back electrode and some of the other layers that are used in the stack. Because of this even if an OLED is placed on a transparent substrate is does not neccessarily mean that the complete device will be transparent.

Personally I am not yet sold on transparent displays as the next big thing (more like the next next next big thing): While I do see some cool usecases for transparent displays I think that for the foreseeable future the overwhelming percentage of displays will remain intransparent for a number of reasons.

Now the one area where I DO think that transparency will be a big issue is lighting. Here I believe that this feature will give a big boost to OLEDs over the next couple of years. But even here it will be years before transparent OLED panels make up a sizeable part of the market.