Qingyue shows new transparent PMOLED displays and OLED microdisplays at Display Week 2023

China-based PMOLED maker Qingyue (previously part of Visionox) demonstrated its latest OLED and ePaper displays at Display Week 2023. 

So first up Qingyue showed a large transparent segmented PMOLED display, this is the largest PMOLED ever demonstrated at 20.6" in size. It did not detail the transparent level, but this looked very good and was quite impressive.


Qingyue also showed a smaller 4.7" segmented transparent display, this one targeting automotive applications. There was also a smaller 2.8" one that was not transparent, again targeting automotive (bike instruments).

Qingyue also showcased its first OLED microdisplays (produced by its subsidiary Kunshan Mengxian, or Qingyue Optical), including 0.39" XGA, 0.6" SVGA, 0.71" FHD and 0.96" XGA monochrome panels.

Posted: Jun 01,2023 by Ron Mertens