Plextronics announces solution-processible PHOLED HIL ink availability

Plextronics announced today that its Plexcore OC NQ ink is now available - for limited sampling. During 2011 Plextronics will accelerate production. The new non-aqueous-based Hole Injection Layer (HIL) ink is geared specifically for solution processible phosphorescent OLED emitters, and Plextronics expects to introduce ink-jet printable inks for limited sampling early in 2011.

Plextronics also say that UDC was using their OC NQ ink in their new P2OLED solution-processed phosphorescent OLED technology (reported on October 13). Plextronics was the HIL provider, and its OC NQ ink helped UDC to achieve a lower operating voltage and a boost in lifetime over previously disclosed results.

Posted: Nov 03,2010 by Ron Mertens