Pioneer demonstrates new automotive OLED lighting prototypes at CES Asia 2017

Pioneer demonstrated new automotive OLED prototype applications at CES Asia 2017. First up are these beautiful OLED taillight prortotypes, which use flexible OLEDs that are bent to create these 3D shapes.

Pioneer flexible OLED taillight prototype (CES Asia 2017)

Pioneer also demonstrated an updated version of its transparent brake light system, which was first unveiled in January 2016. The idea is that the brake light can be embedded in the back window of the car to create a beautiful design that is safer as it enlarges the back field of view compared to current brake lights.

Pioneer transparent OLED brake light prototype (CES Asia 2017)

Pioneer says that it is accelerating the development of automotive OLED lighting, as it aims to catch up with other companies in this market (mostly OSRAM, probably). Pioneer recently launched a new 50:50 OLED lighting Joint Venture with Konica Minolta, and one of the goals in this new venture is to address the automotive market.

Posted: Jun 22,2017 by Ron Mertens