Philips developed the world's first mains-powered white OLED module

Philips Research developed the first white OLED module that can be powered directly from a mains electricity supply. Philips says that such an OLED will be cheaper to use (there's no need for a bulky power management circuitry) and will also simplify luminaire design.

Philips mains-powered white-light OLED prototype

"We have combined proprietary interconnect and packaging technology to create this demonstrator," says Dr. Dirk Hente of Philips Research. "We’re already seeing AC-driven LEDs coming onto the market. Our prototype marks a breakthrough step towards a similar evolution in OLEDs.".

The OLED Module was developed by Philips in collaboration with Dipl.-Phys. Holger Spahr, Institut für Hochfrequenztechnik, TUBraunschweig, Germany as part of the TOPAS 2012 project.

Philips have been offering OLED lighting modules since 2009. Check out our hands-on review!

Posted: Sep 08,2010 by Ron Mertens