Philips announced the brighter GL350 Gen 2 OLED lighting panel (200 lumens)

Philips announced an updated GL350 OLED lighting panel (we'll call it the GL350 Gen2). The new panel looks the same as the panel announced in April 2012 (square 124.5x124.5 m), but it's brighter: 200 lumens per panel, up to 45 lm/W efficacy and a luminance of 6,500 cd/m2. This new panel will be available in Q3 2013.

We do not know the price of this new panel. The current GL350 is only available in a starter kit that costs €400.00 (about $555) that includes 3 OLED panels, a driver, a short circuit protection unit and all required connector cables. 

Philips will showcase the new panel and other OLED lighting panels and installations at the Euroluce 2013 exhibition which starts today. You can see Philips' booth in the photo above.

A few weeks ago Philips inaugurated the new €40 million OLED lighting production line in Aachen, which has been producing panels since Q3 2012. Philips says that this new line is the largest and "most modern" OLED lighting line in the world. The clean-room is approximately 2,000-square meter in size.

Posted: Apr 09,2013 by Ron Mertens