OLEDWorks and Audi demonstrate a new OLED rearlight concept

During the 2022 Light+Building tradeshow, OLEDWorks and Audi demonstrated a new OLED automotive rearlight unit:

The unit is Audi's latest rear model demonstrator of the A6 e-tron concept vehicle. The new concept features a significant increase in the number of OLED segments from what is currently on the road from Audi, and it looks like a beautiful concept.

OLEDWorks has been working with Audi for many years, and these have found their ways into some of Audi's premium cars - for example the 2022 A8 and S8 cars (in which the OLED lighting is standard) and the 2018 A8 (in which the OLEDs are optional). In 2019 OLEDWorks announced a predevelopment collaboration agreement with Audi to advance OLED lighting technology in automotive applications.

Audi and OLEDWorks A6 e-tron OLED lighting demo (Light+Building 2022)

Posted: Oct 18,2022 by Ron Mertens