Universal Display (UDC) logoUDC and Mitsubishi Chemical Announce Agreement to Collaborate on Ink Jet Printable OLED Materials Development. The Collaboration is Directed Towards Developing Materials for use in Phosphorescent OLED Displays Fabricated Through Solution or "Wet" Processing Methods.

"Collaborating with a world-class chemical company like Mitsubishi Chemical allows us to share ideas and help each other reach the next level of innovation for OLED materials based on our PHOLED™ phosphorescent OLED technology and Mitsubishi Chemical's expertise in OLED chemicals and ink formulation," said Steven V. Abramson, President and Chief Operating Officer of Universal Display. "Mitsubishi Chemical's commitment to printable phosphorescent OLEDs, which we call P2OLEDs™, indicates that ink jet printable PHOLED technology has real commercial potential. By working in concert on the development of next-generation P2OLED materials with Mitsubishi Chemical, we hope to accelerate this process."

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