The OLED Toolbox: status update, discount and samples

We are happy to report that the OLED Toolbox is progressing nicely, and we are on track to release it in January 2024. This post includes more info on the toolbox, and our latest status report. We are also sharing some samples from the report - you can see the video below with some pages from our market report, company contributions, spreadsheets and insights.

The OLED Toolbox is now ready for pre-orders, with a special early-bird discount - this is a great chance to get the upcoming report in a low price, only available until December 31, 2023. The toolbox will be a must-have information platform for companies in the display industry, and will include five different parts:

  • An information guide to OLED technologies, processes, the industry and the market
  • Market status and industry roadmaps
  • OLED technology, market and industry analysis and insights - written by Ron Mertens based on years of experience in the display industry 
  • Structured data (spreadsheets) on OLED production lines, devices with OLED displays, OLED producers, supply chain companies (with contact details) and more
  • In-depth articles by multiple industry experts illuminating various processes, materials, devices, analysis, insights and more
  • Brochures, presentations, catalogs and other content items contributed by industry players (display makers, supply chain companies, analysts and more)

Here's our latest status report on the Toolbox progress:

  • The information guide is now fully written and designed - with 5 different sections (OLED technologies, the AMOLED market, the AMOLED industry, OLED lighting and PMOLEDs). 
  • We have finalized five detailed spreadsheets (OLED supply chain companies, OLED devices, OLED production lines, automotive OLEDs and OLED microdisplays)
  • We have collected 165 different company content items, including catalogs, brochures, roadmaps and more. We plan to receive more items from the industry. Contact us if you want to see your own company's materials featured in the OLED Toolbox!
  • The analysis and insights section has been written and we're now finalizing its design
  • Several companies have already signed on to deliver in-depth articles and presentations in their field of expertise, and these are already in development
  • We have progressed with a unified visual language and assets, you can see our new logo below:

It is now possible to pre-order the OLED Toolbox, at a special discount (that will last until December 10). The product will be offered at a company-wide license model to encourage information sharing and to provide a repository of information and tools that can be shared with marketing, R&D, business development and communication teams. Please contact us for more details.

New OLED-Info product matrix photo

We would like to take this opportunity and reach out to the industry, inviting OLED supply chain companies and OLED developers to provide their own brochures, presentations, catalogs and any other content items - including an email address for potential customers and partners. We believe this will be a good opportunity to expose your technology to the OLED industry at large and to help us educate and inform OLED and display professionals. Contact us for more details.

Posted: Dec 19,2023 by Ron Mertens