What is an OLED?

OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) is an emerging display technology that enables displays that offer better image quality and are thinner and more efficient than current LED and LCD displays. OLED TVs deliver the best picture quality ever, and in the future will also become flexible, rollable and transparent.

Panasonic EZ950 photo

What is a 4K OLED TV?

A 4K OLED TV (also called UHD OLED TV) is an OLED TV that features a resolution of 3840x2160 pixels. 4K is a relatively new standard that builds on the previous Full-HD resolution. While especially useful for large TV panels, 4K has gained in popularity and is now being offered on all premium TVs.

OLED TV is still a relatively premium technology - and virtually all OLED TVs released from 2016 forward support 4K resolution. LG's 2016 OLEDB6 and OLEDC6, for example, the company's entry-level OLED TVs both offer support for 4K.

LG OLED65B6P photo
B6 flat 55/65" ($2,497 / $3,499)
LG OLED65C6P photo
C6 curved 55/65" ($2,497 / $3,499)

Latest OLED 4K market news

JOLED demonstrates new 4K and flexible AMOLED panels

Mar 30, 2017

JOLED (Japan OLED) was established in August 2014 by Japan Display, Sony and Panasonic with an aim to become an OLED medium display (10-30 inch) producer. The company is aiming to start mass production in 2019, although some panels may ship in limited volume earlier.

JOLED 21.6'' 4K medical OLED prototype, Cebit 2017

Last week at Cebit 2017 JOLED demonstrated some of its latest OLED prototypes. In the photo above you can see JOLED's 21.6" 4K (3840x2160, 204 PPI) "medical applications" monitor. JOLED also demonstrated what seems to be the same panel for "consumer" application (they call this private viewing). The whole panel weighs just 500 grams and the color gamut is 130% sRGB.

Amazon reveals the price of some of LG's 2017 OLED TVs

Feb 17, 2017

LG revealed its 2017 OLED TV lineup in January at CES, but the company did not disclose the prices or actual release date of these new TVs. Well, except the 65" OLEDW7 Wallpaper TV which costs $7,999 and is up for pre-order at Best Buy.

Today Amazon.com published product pages for some of LG's 2017 OLED TVs, with listed prices. Amazon lists the 55" OLEDC7, the 65" OLEDE7 and the 65" OLEDG7 signature TV. Amazon did not yet publish its product page for the OLEDB7, but it's still great to finally know LG's prices for 2017:

OLED Handbook

Sony launches its long-awaited A1E OLED TV

Jan 05, 2017

As expected, Sony finally launched its first OLED TV (well, except the 2008 11" XEL-1). The XBR-A1E Bravia OLED TV features a flat 4K OLED panel. The TVs are based on the Android TV platform and feature HDR (both HDR10 and Dolby Vision HDR) and a built-in speaker which is part of the stand behind the TV to create a stand-less form factor. Sony will offer the TVs at 55", 65" or 77" and the TVs will ship later in 2017.

Sony A1E OLED TV photo

The OLED panel themselves are produced by LG Display. According to reports, LGD agreed to supply Sony with 100,000 panels each year.

ODG raises $58 million, but what kind of OLED will it use in its Horizon consumer AR glasses?

Dec 09, 2016

San Francisco based Osterhout Design Group (ODG) announced that it raised $58 million from several investors, including Shenzhen O-film Tech and Vanfund Urban Investment & Development. This is ODG's round A investment, but it is not a new company - it has been active with enterprise AR solutions for eight years, and in 2014 it sold some of its IP to Microsoft for $150 million.

ODG R-7 smartglassesODG R-7

Why does ODG need so much money? Because it is entering the consumer market with its upcoming codename-Horizon platform, which will be an AR/VR platform that is based on OLED microdisplays. The Horizon platform will support a wide FOV, 120 fps and support for 4K 3D content.

Here are BOE's latest 55" OLED panel prototypes

Nov 24, 2016

A few days ago we reported that BOE Display started to supply OLED TV panels to Skyworth. Today we have this photo you see below, showing the new 55" UHD (4K) panels. The new panels were produced at BOE's 8.5-Gen pilot line in Hefei.

BOE 55'' UHD panel prototypes (Nov 2016)

Skyworth is currently using LGD WOLED panels for its OLED TVs, and in December 2015 the company launched its latest OLED and OLED HDR TVs . Skyworth hopes to sell 200,000 OLED TVs by the end of March 2017. Skyworth said its main problem with those OLEDs is that LG Display cannot supply them with enough panels, especially the 65" ones - so now it seems Skyworth found its answer with BOE Display.

DisplayMate: LG's latest OLED TVs are "virtually perfect", the best TV ever tested

Oct 04, 2016

Our friends from DisplayMate posted an in-depth shootout of LG's 2016 OLED TV, the 65" 4K OLEDE6. DisplayMate finds this new TV to perform "exceptionally well" - in fact this TV offers an image quality that is "Visually Indistinguishable from Perfect". This is unquestionably the best performing TV ever tested at DisplayMate.

LG OLED65E6P photo

LG's OLED TV breaks many TV display performance records at DisplayMate: including the highest absolute color accuracy, the lowest screen reflectance , the highest absolute luminance accuracy, and the highest contrast ratio with perfect Black Levels of any TV ever tested. Almost all tests showed improvement over LG's 2015 OLED TVs.

LG slashes off $2,000 from its 65" signature G6 OLED TV

Oct 01, 2016

LG's Signature OLED G6 is now shipping for $5,999 at Amazon.com - that's $2,000 off the previous price of $7,999! I'm not sure how much longer this price will last, but this is a great deal. The G6 is LG's premium OLED TV, featuring an ultra-slim on-glass design, a high-end pivoting Harman Kardon soundbar, LG's webOS 3.0, Color Prime PRO technology and HDR. The 77" model costs $19,999.

LG OLED77G6P photo

LG also >reduced the price of the entry-level flat 55" OLEDB6 to $2,297 (down from $2,497). The 65" B6 still costs $3,999.

AMD stresses the need for high-resolution VR displays, is working with eMagin for 18 months

Sep 25, 2016

OLED microdisplay maker eMagin developed a 2K x 2K OLED microdisplay based VR HMD, which is now being offered to partners (the company's first licensee is probably ODG). The company is also developing its next-gen 4K OLED microdisplays.

eMagin needs to find a high-volume production partner if it wants to enter the consumer market (eMagin announced production expansion will not be enough) and eMagin already stated that it is in talks with potential foundry partners. One of these partners is AMD - which we already know is working with eMagin.

Sony and Panasonic announce new cameras with OLED viewfinders

Sep 22, 2016

Sony and Panasonic announced several new cameras that sport OLED viewfinders. The three new cameras all use XGA OLED microdisplays (probably the same microdisplay).

Sony a99 Mark II photo

First up we have Sony's a99 Mark II, a high-end 42.9-mp A-mount SLT camera that features 4K video capture, 5-axis image stabilization, 79 AF points and a newly designed shutter. The a99 Mark II will ship in November 2016 for $3,200 (body only).