Nubia demonstrates a foldable smart watch/phone, says it will ship by the end of 2018

Update: It turns out that the display used by Nubia is produced by Visionox and not BOE as we assumed

China-based Nubia unveiled a new smart wearable device called the Nubia Alpha, which uses an elongated foldable OLED display. Nubia says that this device will ship in China by the end of 2018.

If Nubia actually ships its Alpha device before the end of 2018, it may become the first company to ship a foldable OLED smartphone. Samsung is gearing up to start foldable OLED production in 2018 but its first foldable smartphone is likely to ship in early 2019. Huawei is also said to get ready to release a foldable phone before the end of 2018 - using displays made by BOE. In fact BOE is reportedly developing foldable OLEDs for several smartphone makers - which means that it's likely that the Nubia Alpha is using a BOE display.

Nubia alpha photo

The Nubia Alpha is based on Android (even though the unique screen size will require application adaptation). This is an interesting device and it will be great if the company can actually release it as a product soon.

Posted: Sep 05,2018 by Ron Mertens