nreal switches to BOE OLED microdisplay, will launch in Q3 2020

In early 2019, nreal unveiled its AR glasses that provide high quality 52-degree FOV images in a relatively small and normal-looking frame that weighs just 85 grams. The prototypes shown at CES used Sony's FHD 0.7" OLED microdisplays (ECX335AF-7), but according to reports the commercial units will use BOE's OLED microdisplays (probably sized 0.71").

This a good design win for BOE, who started shipping its OLED microdisplays towards the end of 2019. nreal's AR glasses will ship in Q3 2020 for $499.

Posted: Jun 09,2020 by Ron Mertens


I'm guessing the BOE display is also 0.7" and rgb stripe matrix ...the linked one is 0.39"

Hi, do you mean they will ship the Consumer Kit in Q3/2020?


Thanks for an answer in advance