Notion Systems teams up with Scrona to enable dramatically improved OLED inkjet printing resolution and throughput

Inkjet printing system developer Notion Systems announced a global strategic partnership with Scrona, a developer of ultra-high resolution EHD (electrohydrodynamic) print heads. Using the new print heads, Notion Systems will be able to offer OLED material printing with dramatically improved resolution and throughout - at the micron and sub-micron scale.

Notion- Sstem njet system with Scrona NanoDrop print head + printed pattern

Notion Systems says that the new technology has the potential to replace many conventional production steps in microfabrication of display devices. Indeed one of the major hurdles for inkjet printing adoption is the relatively low display density limitation of current printing technologies.

The Notion Scrona partnership brings together deep tech and business strategy, industrialization and market introduction of this new technology into several applications, such as displays,electronics and semiconductor manufacturing. In addition, Notion Systems will start to manufacture and market Scrona´s high resolution NanoDrip Lab Printer, designed for high level R&D facilities.

Scrona's NanoDrip printing technology is based on the company's proprietary versatile MEMS microfabrication process. The printheads can be customized in nozzle-size and -layout to the requirements of specific applications. The technology is scalable for high volume production requirements, and it works with high ink viscosities >1.000 cps and is able to process multiple materials with the same printheads.

Posted: Apr 20,2021 by Ron Mertens