New York awards $800,000 to 3 OLED lighting projects

New York Stat's Energy Research and Development Authority’s (NYSERDA) announced $4.8 million worth of grants for technologies that can enable more energy efficient buildings. There are 3 OLED related projects that were awarded $800,000 altogether.

OLEDWorks received $491,000 to improve the capability and control of its OLED manufacturing processes in order to manufacturing robust products at affordable cost. This is OLEDWorks' second grant from NYSERDA - in June the company was awarded $200,000 (in collaboration with WAC Lighting) to develop lighting for office space, combining LED indirect ambient device with an OLED "task unit".

R-Display & Lighting received $100,000 to develop highly efficient and stable OLED lighting materials. The work will focus on using new advanced emissive materials to fabricate more energy-efficient and lower cost lighting devices. New York State-based OLED lighting manufacturing companies will be engaged to support commercialization objectives.

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute received $210,000 and is working with the Lighting Research Center on plans to create a technical and educational center focused on OLEDs. This OLED Application Innovation Center will provide one-on-one technical assistance, seminars and learning opportunities for New York manufacturers to better understand and apply the OLED technology with the goal of accelerating OLED development and market acceptance of this new technology.

Posted: Nov 20,2013 by Ron Mertens