OLEDWorks logoOLEDWorks has been contracted by the New York State Energy and Research and Development Authority on a $200,000 OLED lighting initiative. OLEDWorks will partner with WAC Lighting to develop lighting for office space, combining LED indirect ambient device with an OLED "task unit".

OLEDWorks recently completed its Series A funding round from private investors, and the company is building an OLED lighting fab in Rochester, NY. They plan to offer low-cost OLEDs through the use of equipment and process innovation, and they expect to ship their first OLED prototypes (12x12 cm, 45 lm/W on glass or on metal) in the second half of 2013. Just last week OLEDWorks was awarded a $1 million project from the US DoE to develop (and demonstrate) new spray printing equipment for OLED production.

OLEDWorks was established in July 2010 by former Kodak OLED business experts with the goal to become an OLED lighting panel manufacturer. The company signed a patent license agreement with Global OLED Technology and bought used OLED encapsulation machines from Cambridge Nanotech.



having just delivered a

having just delivered a hybrid oled/led installation driven at low voltage DC (class 3 electrical installation). I am more than happy to offer my thoughts for this project geoff.williams@dunelm.org.uk

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