I'm trying out a new feature here at OLED-Info: Polls. The first one is about OLED in laptops. LG said they may start producing their 15" displays within 6 months, if they get customers. We know that Samsung has 14.1" AMOLED panels as well, probably close to production.

It still remains whether laptop makers will take the plunge and introduce an OLED laptop. It will bound to be more expensive... but how much more will people be willing to pay for an OLED laptop? It will be gorgeous looking and save batter life and enable thinner laptops... but the money is obviously a crucial factor.

It'll be interesting to see what OLED-Info readers have to say. So help and vote ;-)

You can see the poll in the right-side of our home page, or through this link.



OLED Laptop

A laptop is not a good application for OLED.

PC software such as Word and Excel use a white background. As a result, there is no power consumption benefit by switching from LCD to OLED. Also, many icons and taskbars are active for long periods of time in a static position with risks of rapid burn-in.

MP3s and mobile phones with white icons on a black background and long periods of standby are better applications for OLEDs. Laptops are better served by LCD technology.

I think that when we do

I think that when we do have OLED laptops, the style of software may change. For example, Google is obviously mostly white (as are most pages). But there is a 'black' google too - Blackle... rather neat. It will make a difference on an OLED display.

So maybe in a few years, when you have your OLED laptop, you could switch Word and Excel and other software to use a black background, to save battery.