survey- how much would you pay for an OLED in a laptop?

Could the question also be how much would you value one? -since this maybe is mostly being read by those who do?
On a reasonable price range? -ticked the 'would pay anything' answer mainly because only up to an extra $500 is given, which seems completely unrealistically dirt cheap,for now anyway, to have one in a laptop. Is up to around 3K more reasonable as an additional price tag on a laptop, for Samsung's quality, if it came guaranteed to not degrade for at least five years?

You may have a point there.

You may have a point there. Although more than 500$ is something I feel very few people will actually be willing to pay (disregarding OLED fanatics...).

Personally I think that the difference between an OLED laptop and an LCD one cannot be higher than 100$-200$... 

whoohoo oled laptop

I will sell my wife for a new oled laptop!

If I were trying to get OLED

If I were trying to get OLED into the market I would start with OLED computer displays. Graphic designers, CGI designers, movie editor would pay a high premium for good OLED equipment. I can easily see a big company with professionals dropping $4000-6000 on a quality display. However 14-15" is probably a little small for pros.

Also if I were LG I would try to get Apple to incorporate OLED into the next Iphone. Once the Iphone has OLED watch it become standard in the phone industry.

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