New Chinese company to produce OLEDs based on new blue-coating technology

A new company called Stimulated Blue Technology was established a couple of months ago in Henan, China, with an aim to produce small OLED panels based on its patented blue-coating technology, developed by Xinyang Normal University. It's not clear what this technology is, but according to the article it involves some sort of blue-coating or filter layer and only red and green OLED emitters. I'm not sure what does that mean exactly, or how is that possible...

The company is setting up a 4.5-Gen (730x920 mm) fab in Henan that will produce Metal-Oxide TFT based OLEDs. The capacity will be 360,000 substrates a year. The same fab will include two OLED lines and one LED-LCD line. The total investment for the OLED lines is 2.2 billion yuan (about $345 million) Apparently the company is confident it will be able to raise the required funds. The first OLED line is scheduled for the end of 2012, and the second one for 2014.

The new SBL company is a joint venture between AIVtech Henan and Dr. Runguang.

Posted: Jul 20,2012 by Ron Mertens


The company behind this is Aivtech International Group (AIVI.PK). Their CEO Jinlin Guo is managing the JV. The Governor of Henan Province has classified this as a "key project" and is fully supporting the consturction and development of the project.

The only way this could be meant is:

They use a monochrome blue OLED displays and print or otherwise depsoit in a patterned fashion red and green color conversion layers on top to generate an adressable RGB pixel pattern.

To have a blue filter for red and green OLEDs does not make any sense, as you would still miss the blue component (that they use upconversion filters is highly unlikely) and would still have to pattern the OLED coating.