AIV-BEX, established in 2012 in Henan Province, China, aimed to produce small/medium AMOLED panels. The company was supposed to setup up a 4.5-Gen (730x920 mm) fab in Xinyang, Henan, to produce Oxide-TFT based OLED panels. AIV-BEX's first line was supposed to have a monthly capacity of 30,000 sheets and to begin production towards the end of 2015.

The project seems to be canceled.

AIV-BEX's total project cost was estimated at around ¥30 billion (or about $4.82 billion). The first line (with the 30,000 monthly sheet capacity) was going to cost ¥3.6 billion ($580 million). According information released in October 2014, the project was still on track at that stage.

AIV-BEX was owned by Aivtech International Group, a NASDAQ-listed (ticker:AIVI) shenzhen based maker of audio&video products). The BEX part of the name stands for "Blue Excitation".

Company Address: 
Henan Sheng