Historic company listing

This list includes non active companies and companies that no longer deal with OLEDs


+ISO was an Italian based consultancy company that offered lighting planning, product engineering and prototype development services.

The company also offered OLED lighting services to OLED lighting manufacturers and OLED-based lighting product makers. +ISO was closed down in 2016.


4D Systems

4D Systems logo4D Systems is an Australian R&D company specializing in the design and manufacture of microcontrollers designed to drive OLED and LCD displays. 

4D Systems also designs and manufactures intelligent and cost effective OLED and LCD display modules for rapid application development purposes or as stand-alone systems.


Add-Vision (from Scotts Valley, California) developed a PLED based display technology called LEC (light emitting electrochemical cell) that enables low cost and flexible displays. Add-Vision listed Bayer, Alps Electric, Toppan Forms and CDT as licensees. CDT was also a shareholder in Add-Vision.

Add-Vision's technology was bought by Sumitomo Chemicals in January 2011. The technology was transferred to CDT in June 2011.

Advantech US

Advantech US logo Advantech US was an early stage OLED backplane development company, founded by Dr. T. Peter Brody, inventor of the Active-Matrix.

Advantech US has created a roll-to-roll fabrication technology for producing thin film electronic circuits at exceptionally low cost. The company intended to exploit this technology to manufacture active matrix backplanes for OEM sale and licensing, but the company was shut down many years ago.


Aglaia Tech

Aglaia Tech logoAglaia Tech, founded in 2005 in Beijing, China was a producer of OLED materials for display and lighting applications - including transport, injection, dopants and emissive materials.

The company is no longer in business.


AIV-BEX, established in 2012 in Henan Province, China, aimed to produce small/medium AMOLED panels. The company was supposed to setup up a 4.5-Gen (730x920 mm) fab in Xinyang, Henan, to produce Oxide-TFT based OLED panels. AIV-BEX's first planned line was supposed to have a monthly capacity of 30,000 sheets and to begin production towards the end of 2015.

AIV-BEX's project never saw the light of day, and the company shut down.


AIV-BEX's total project cost was estimated at around 30 billion Yuan (or about $4.82 billion). The first line (with the 30,000 monthly sheet capacity) was going to cost 3.6 billion Yuan ($580 million). According information released in October 2014, the project was still on track at that stage.

AIV-BEX was owned by Aivtech International Group, a NASDAQ-listed (ticker:AIVI) shenzhen based maker of audio&video products. The BEX part of the name stands for "Blue Excitation".

Amber Molecular

 Amber Molecular logoAmber Molecular was established in 2017 by researchers at The University of Toronto in Canada to develop novel fluorescent OLED emitters.

Amber Molecular designed and patented a family of fluorescent red, orange and infrared OLED emissive materials. In 2023, the company was shut down.


Ambicare Health

Ambicare Health (previously Lumicure) was an early stage, privately held company, based in Dundee, Scotland, that developed low cost, portable (ambulatory) and disposable light sources to be used in Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) and cosmetic skin treatment. The light sources were based on OLEDs and Inorganic LEDs.

Ambicare secured 5M$ in funding in early 2009, and later launched their PDT product which used LEDs and not OLEDs. In late 2009 we interviewed their CEO. It seems as if the company is no longer in business.

AMS Technologies

AMS Technologies logoFounded in 1982, AMS Technologies is a distributor of high-tech systems and components. Headquartered in Martinsried/Munich, Germany, the company serves regional markets from local sales offices in Spain, the United Kingdom, France and Italy.

OLED related products include production equipment for OLED displays, OLED lighting and panel encapsulation; evaporation and sputtering for organics and metal, thin-film encapsulation, panel optical inspection, cluster and in-line systems; for mass production, pilot line and R&D.

Applied Films

Applied Films was a leading provider of technologically advanced thin film deposition equipment and service for high-tech markets such as the flat panel display and the solar glass industry. For the display sectors, Applied offered manufacturing solutions that apply coatings for producing different display types such as LCDs, plasma display panels (PDPs) and OLEDs.

Applied Films have been bought by Applied Materials in 2006.

Atom Microelectronics

Atom Microelectronics logoUS-based Atom Nanoelectronics was established in 2013 to develop innovative, scalable and high throughput fabrication technologies.

The company's technology was based about HiPCOT single-walled carbon nanotubes, and using these material Atom developed fully-printed CNT-TFT backplanes for AMOLED displays.

In addition to the backplane technology, Atom has invented a new OLED architecture in which the light-emitting function and electronically driving circuits are monolithically integrated, leading to less fabrication processes and low price.

It seems as if the company is no longer in business.

Borun Chemical

Borun Chemical logoBorun, based in Ningbo China, is a manufacturer of specialty chemicals, in several markets including solar panels, nanomaterials and more.

The company produces several OLED materials and intermediates, including dopants, host materials, transport materials, hole injection materials, Carbazole Derivatives and Fluorene Derivatives.

Cheil Industries

Cheil Industries is a Samsung affiliate that produces textiles, fashion, chemicals and electronic chemical materials. In May 2011 the company announced a plan to invest $92 million in an OLED material facility, to produce ETL, HTL and EML materials.

In August 2013, Cheil Industries (together with Samsung Electronics) acquired Novaled for €260 million. In March 2014, Samsung SDI acquired Cheil Industries for $3.3 billion. Samsung Everland, which acquired Cheil's fashion business in March 2014, changed its name to Cheil Industries. So Cheil now is involved with the fashion, construction and resort businesses.

Chi Mei EL (CMEL)

UPDATE: CMO (CMEL's parent company) has been acquired by Innolux in the end of 2009. We still have to wait and see how it effects the company's OLED program.

Chi Mei EL Corporation (CMEL), founded by the R&D team at Chi Mei Optoelectronics (CMO) in 2004, is fully devoted to the R&D, design, production, and sales of OLED panels.


CMEL currently focuses on small and medium-sized OLED panel production. Their largest panel available is 7.6" AMOLED. The company has over 210 employees and is fully owned by Chi Mei Optoelectronics.

CMEL purchases PHOLED materials from Universal Display Corporation, and have developed a new 'MEM' tech to make thinner and lighter AMOLEDs, showing a 25" TV in November 2008.


Crystalfontz designs, manufactures, and distributes standard LCD modules, TFT displays and OLEDs for embedded and industrial products. They also provide technical support and embedded development assistance.

Daejoo Electronic Materials

Daejoo Electronic Materials logoDaejoo Electronic Materials, based in Korea, manufactures materials for the electronic industry. The company's materials are used in a wide range of applications such as LEDs, CFLs, epoxies, glass materials, phosphors and more.

For the OLED industry, Daejoo used to offer blue host and emitters in addition to ETL, EML, HTL and HIL materials. The company stopped its OLED project a while back.