Alkilu unveils a range of affordable consumer OLED lighting products

Alkilu is a new company (established in 2013 in California) that develops affordable consumer OLED lighting devices. The company unveiled their first products yetserday at the consumer electronics show.

Alkilu has a wide range of products planned - night lights, camping lights, bike lights, countdown timers, vanity mirrors and even a music conductor stand. They plan to release the first products in April or May 2014. Hopefully they'll pull that off as their prices are indeed affordable - the ladybug nightlife is only $39.95 for example, while the countdown timer will cost only $19.95.

The panels come in several different shapes, and there are also structured colored OLEDs. These are not very efficient OLEDs (20 lm/W) - although some of them are powered by batteries. Most of these panels offer 50,000 hours lifetime (LT70) and a luminance of 1000-2000 cd/m2. Alkilu says they are working with a number of OLED makers around the world.

Posted: Jan 09,2014 by Ron Mertens