Hyperfluoresence and TADF OLED emitter developer Kyulux and quantum-dot developer Nanoco announced that the two companies will co-develop a future-generation hybrid OLED / QLED display technology that combines Kyulux's hyperflourescent emitters and Nanoco's heavy metal free quantum dots (CDQDs).

Nanoco CFQD materials photo

Kyulux and Nanoco say that future displays based on this technology will have superior qualities compared to existing displays - high degree of brightness, energy efficiency, color purity and low cost.



weird partnership

Something is definitely not adding up here, after announcing last year that they are doing blue hyperfluorescence, Kyulux now claims on their new website that the focus is green and red hyperfluorescence, while Nanoco mainly has green and red quantum dots in their portfolio. In my opinion, one would only need QDs or hyperfluorescence to get a good color point, but not both.

I would love to read some more insights into this (is it a mixture of TADF with electrically driven QDs or do they want to use QD color filters on top a blue hyperfluorescent OLED?

After Kyulux seemingly surrendered the chase for blue to Cynora according to their website there is a big question: Where is the blue coming from?  

At this point this whole partnership seems to be a PR stunt to fuse two buzz topics which are not really compatible I am afraid.

Kyulux always said they were

Kyulux always said they were going after green/red/yellow first... here's a story we ran exactly one year ago after meeting with the Kyulux team at SID 2016.

Kyulux sending mixed messages

Thanks for clarifying this Ron! They seem to be sending mixed messages though; I was refering to a show review published in Information Display after last year's Display Week, where blue results were announced but never came:

At an investor’s meeting, Kyulux CEO Christopher Savoie showed data indicating a lifetime (unspecified in this presentation) of 1600 hours at an initial output of 1000 cd for TADF green.  The company will announce blue lifetimes in September, said Savoie, but he claimed the latest blue materials have 20% external quantum efficiency (EQE) and long life.


Since UDC has been working on the phosphorescent-blue problem for years, and to date has not suggested it is making significant progress, perhaps TADF can win this horse race after all.  Kyulux’s strong technical team of ex-Sony, Samsung, Sharp, and Fuji Film personnel is presumably trying hard.

I am curious how things will play out..

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