Motorola unveils a new bendable phone concept based on an LGD pOLED display

Motorola has demonstrated a new concept phone design, which they refer to as a Adaptive Display Concept. This is a smart bendable phone, that sports a 6.9" FHD+ (2220x1080) flexible AMOLED display produced by LG Display.

The adaptive display concept can be adjusted from a standard Android phone experience in a flat position to being wrapped for a wrist-worn experience or positioned in several stand modes. 


The phone concepts also include some new embedded AI software features, which they refer to as MotoAI - a generative AI model that runs locally on the device, so users can "extend their personal style to their phone", run a smart AI assistant, perform smart photo editing and enhancements, and more.

Posted: Oct 27,2023 by Ron Mertens