Mitsubishi completed the installation of the curved Diamond Vision OLED at Narita airpot

Mitsubishi announced they completed the installation of Japan's largest digital signage system at Narita international airport in Tokyo (announced in October 2011). The system includes a 160-degrees concave Diamond Vision OLED display called Panorama Vision. This cool display measures 9.6 x 1.9 meters and is made from 2,000 96x96mm PMOLED panels.

This is Mitsubishi's third Diamond Vision OLED installation that we know about. The first one was a 3.84x2.3 meter display installed at Merck's research center and the second was the 6-meter Geo-Cosmos sphere installed at Tokyo's Science Museum.

Posted: Jun 27,2012 by Ron Mertens


Just wondering: Do you know what dictates the thickness of the setup? Judging by the picture, the display is mounted on a wall that is about 40 cm thick. Is that required as a supporting structure for the display or does the thickness of the wall have nothing at all to do with the display itself?

Because personally I think it makes the whole thing look rather clumsy compared to similar previous installations.

I think the wall you said is just a fixture that provides rigidity to the signage.

Probably, but does it really have to be that thick? I would think that even a PMOLED display of this size should normally allow for far thinner setups and still be stable. I guess what I am asking is: Will all curved PMOLED displays of that size require such a thick supporting structure?

Of course this being istalled at an airport they might just have gone with the thicker wall in order to protect the display from people running into it with their trolleys.....