We haven't heard much from MicroOLED since 2009 (when they planned to release their first product towards the end of the year). Two years later - and it seems that the company is finally ready for mass production. The company reports they received orders for over 10,000 OLED microdisplays - and shipments will begin in a couple of months. The first product will be a 9.6mm 800x480 (WVGA) OLED microdisplay that uses white SM-OLEDs and RGBB color filters. Power consumption is 25mW for 60Hz video at 150cd/m2.

Microoled OLED microdisplayMicroOLED OLED microdisplay

MicroOLED says that their first microdisplays will be used in a professional security product and in "sport optics" products (for example electronic binoculars for bird watching). MicroOLED is also developing their second product which will sport SVGA resolution (1280x1024). They say that the current production line has a yearly capacity of 300,000 units.