The MicroLED Industry Association grows to 40 members

The MicroLED Industry Association (MIA) is happy to announce its 40th member,  New Silicon Corporation (NSC), an integrated circuit company based out of Singapore. The microLED industry is still at a very early stage, but Interest in microLED technologies is growing.

MicroLED Association: list of 40 members

The MicroLED Industry Association was established in July 2022, to promote microLED technologies, foster industry collaboration and initiate educational and marketing campaigns for its members. NSC joins a wide range of members including microLED display makers, component suppliers, technology developers, established companies, early stage startups and leading research institutes. You can see the full member list online.


As part of its operations, the MIA organizes topical webinars, publishes white papers, and helps its members connect and exchange information and ideas. Last month the association launched the MicroLED Library, an extensive compilation of MicroLED datasheets, presentations, whitepapers and more. The association reported in early June 2023 that it recorded over 2,500 downloads for its white papers and for the MicroLED Library content.

Johanne Chu, NSC's IR executive, said: "NSC is an integrated circuit company based out of Singapore. By monolithically integrating compound semiconductor with silicon CMOS, our chip enables a MicroLED solution with enhanced system benefits. As we launched commercial operations in 2021, we are looking to grow our presence in the industry. We are pleased to join the MicroLED Industry Association to be part of a strong community with our industry peers.".

Posted: Jul 05,2023 by Ron Mertens