Merck and Idemitsu Kosan have entered into a collaboration agreement that allows each company to use the other company's OLED material-related IP in certain areas. Both Merck and Idemitsu hope that this will enable both companies to develop higher-performance OLED materials.

Merck and Idemitsu also expect to continue discussions and expand the collaboration to other areas in the future.

Merck recently commissioned its new €30 Million OLED materials production plant in Darmstadt, Germany that provides a fivefold increase in the company's OLED materials production capacity. Merck aims to become one of the leading suppliers of OLED materials by 2018, as the company believes that OLED has the potential to become the technology of the future for displays and lighting.

Idemitsu Kosan is a large multinational Chemical company based in Japan that is supplying OLED materials for OLED producers. Idemitsu has OLED business units in Japan, Taiwan, Korea and China and is collaborating with UDC, LGD, AU Optronics, Doosan and others. We recently posted an interview with Idemitsu's electronics materials chief.

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