Digitimes has an interesting five part interview with Paul Hyland, President and CEO of Aixtron, and Dr. William (“Bill”) Elder, Executive Vice President at Aixtron.

From the interview -

I think the potential we’re talking about for OLED technology is still very valid...the incumbent technology getting progressively better and better and pushing new technology further out. But it will come.

The industry is still coming to terms with the chemistry of OLED and therefore the process, which means mastering the yield, the throughput, the lifetime. These are all factors that have to be addressed before OLED technology will enter the commercial market, and if the chemistry changes, then the process and the equipment have to be adjusted accordingly. I don’t think it’s open for me. I’m quite certain that OLED technology will be a player. For me, it’s a question of the timing.

Has there been any development in the last 12 months? Well, we’ve continued to work with our partners, both in terms of government and European funded programs, and commercial customers such as RitDisplay. That activity is continuing. If there is a development, then it would probably be increased interest and focus on OLED as a lighting source.

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