MagnaChip launches its 28 nm AMOLED drivers

OLED driver maker MagnaChip launched its latest 28 nm OLED Display Driver IC for smartphone displays. MagnaChip says that it is using the world's most advanced process for OLED drivers, which enables it to achieve a 20% reduction in form factor compared to its previous 40 nm process.

In addition to the size reduction, the new process also enabled MagnaChip to reduce the voltage from 1.1V to 1V, which reduces the power consumption by more than 20%, and it also reduces the EMI levels (again, by 20%) which improves the phone's call quality.

Magnachip says that it already won its first design-in at a leading smartphone maker. The company says that it plans to design new drivers for OLED TVs, Automotive OLED displays, foldable OLED devices and Micro-LED TVs.

Posted: Apr 17,2019 by Ron Mertens