Lumiotec to start mass producing OLED lighting panels in January 2011

Lumiotec announced today that they will begin mass production of OLED Lighting panels in January 2011. The production capacity will be around 60,000 panels a year, and the company will offer panels in five different shapes (two squares and three rectangular) and in two different colors: lamp (3000K) and natural white (5000K). Selling 60,000 panels a year means that most of these will go into commercial lamps, and not just 'sample designs'.

Lumiotec has started shipping sample panels back in February 2010 (here's our hands-on review) - and the new panels will be thinner, lighter and cheaper. In fact thickness and weight have been halved (all the panels are 2.1mm thick), and the price for the large square panel (145x145mm) will be 30,000 yen (around $360) - less than half of the price of the sample panel.

The two square panels will be 145x145mm and 97.6x97.6mm in size, and they weigh 102 gram and 38 gram respectively. The three rectangular panels: 287x97mm (133g), 287x74mm (100g) and 287x59.5 (80g).

Posted: Nov 10,2010 by Ron Mertens