LG's OLED TV production yields improving?

CNet Australia posted an article on LG's OLED TV, and they interviewed LG's Australia general manager of marketing, Lambro Skropidis. As we already know LG is taking the lead in OLED TVs, offering more models, larger panels and cheaper prices than Samsung.

Much has been written on LG's WRGB (white OLED with color filters) approach that is easier to scale. Indeed Lambro confirms that the company is seeing better yields, and in fact he states that he "feels like LG 'cracked the code' on OLED TV production efficiency.".

If this is true, there's something to look forward to towards the end of the year - LG's Gen-8 OLED line is scheduled for H2 2014, and this will increase LG's OLED TV production capacity quite dramatically - and will also lower the prices of course.

Posted: Apr 21,2014 by Ron Mertens