LG's bendable 77" OLED TV to ship in the second half of 2015

A few days ago LG launched the world's first bendable TV, the 77" EG9900 OLED TV. According to Trusted Reports, LG aims to release the EG9900 in the "second half of 2015".

LG did not disclose the price, but according to a Danish site, the TV will cost around $50,000 in Denmark (which will be around $38,500 without the 25% VAT).

The EG9900 can change from a flat mode to a curved mode at the press of the button. The OLED TV features a 4K curved panel that uses LG's new anti-glare filter and is powered by a new ten-core (!) processor running LG's WebOS 2.0.

Posted: Jan 11,2015 by Ron Mertens