LG EG9900

The EG9900 is the world's first bendable TV that can change from a flat mode to a curved mode at the press of the button. The OLED TV features a 4K curved panel that uses LG's new anti-glare filter and is powered by a new ten-core (!) processor that runs LG's WebOS 2.0.

LG E9900 photo

LG did not disclose the price and release date of this TV. But it'll probably be very expensive as the company's fixed curved 77" 4K OLED was priced at $29,999 in 2014. According to a Danish site, the TV will cost around $50,000 in Denmark (or about $40,000 without VAT).

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77" bendable OLED TV

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Posted:   Jan 05,2015 by Ron Mertens