LGD - we're still on track to produce 600,000 OLED TVs in 2015, flexible OLED expansion plans under review

Yesterday we posted news from Korea claiming that there is lower-then expected demand for OLED TVs, and that LGD is suffering from low UHD OLED TV yields and had to lower their production target for 2015 to 500,000 TVs (down from 600,000).

LGD reported their financial results, and during the conference call the company's Investor Relations chief clearly said that the company still aims to produce 600,000 OLED TVs in 2015. They may lower the number if they see greater demand for 65" and 77" TVs and decide to change their size mix towards more large panels. Regarding the UHD OLED yields, he says that "it is in line with our basic assumption and our track record".

Regarding the company's flexible OLEDs, LGD is currently produces plastic-based OLEDs in its Gen-4.5 fab, with a monthly capacity of 14,000 substrates (more than double its capacity in the beginning of 2014). We heard reports that LGD is building a Gen-6 line that will have eventually have a capacity of 15,000 monthly substrates, but now LGD says that plans for flexible OLED production expansion are still under review.

Posted: Apr 23,2015 by Ron Mertens