A report from Korea says that LG Electronics' OLED TV sales are lower then expected. While the sales are increasing, the company expected them to grow faster, and as a result inventories are increasing. LG Display does not want to decrease its output (currently they aim to produce 600,000 panels in 2015) as this will cause panel prices to increase.

LG EG9600 photo

This report conflicts with an earlier report that said that LGD cannot meet the current demand for OLED TVs.

LGD's current capacity is 14,000 monthly Gen-8 substrates. LGD will expand their capacity to 34,000 monthly substrates by the end of 2015, which will enable them to produce around 1.5 million panels in 2016. If the recent report is true, it may delay LGD's expansion plans.



what a pity!

what a pity!

we should all buy a second OLED TV for the Kitchen now

Non Sales

Perhaps because LG (and stores) are still trying to get rid of the old 2013/2014 models. Most people who are interested in LG OLED are aware that the EG and EF series are being manufactured and are waiting for them to appear.


Just release 47 inches TVs. 55 are to big and mostly people want's flats not curved.

Great OLED Panel, every thing else is crap

Perhaps if they moved to Android TV, fixed their video processing and made it flat, I would buy one. I have been waiting since 2007 to buy an OLED TV, but I won't buy even their newest models until they either drop in price or add the features I am looking for. Samsung just launched their first Tizen TVs this month and already they have a better remote, OS, and app selection (plex, games, etc). 

Give us some variety and we will buy more

Like the previous commenter said, flat is the way to go.  The curved screen was a gimmick.  Get over it LG and give us flat panels for laptops, computer monitors and TVs we can hang on the wall and use to display photography while we are not watching programs.  The curved display takes up too much room and looks horrid mounted to a wall.  I also don't like it that every light behind you reflects right at you from a curved display.  Didn't anyone even do ANY consumer studies before building curved displays?  You think the curve warrants a premium price?  Well think again.  I'll buy a flat panel before I'll buy another curved screen even if it's a lower price.

I don't know how this kind of

I don't know how this kind of stuff gets out to the media. What good does it do for the company to let people know that the OLED TVs are not selling like they have been expecting. This doesn't mean that the OLED TVs are not sellable to the consumer. Like any other consumer good first to come out into the market, the company has to discover the best way to market them. Most people still have never heard of OLEDs. The LG sales people need to get out to venues where the rich and famous hang out. They need to get on CNBC or Bloomberg, and start educating the public on the benefits of OLED TVs. The company needs to step up their marketing plan. People will buy them once they see them.

Would buy a DUMB oled

Would buy a DUMB oled instantly... a single tiled one with only one DP1.3 input and nothing else. No software layers, no nothing.

Also, since the glass is the 90% of cost here, it should be gsync 0-120hz.

I bet the cost would even be lower to have that instead of all the BLOAT.

Not at these prices they won

Not at these prices they won't. I bet that most people willing to pay more than ~$2000 for a TV have already bought one. Everybody else simply won't pay more.

In Europe, they offer old 1080p models for 2000€ - but who is going to buy that with most TV manufacturers (even LG's OLEDs) shifting to 4K? People will look at that and think "I'm supposed to pay 2000€ for a TV now that will be totally outdated in 3-4 years?"

LG OLED TV - Excellent Screen

Wow, Wonderful Screen~

OLED Excellent Screen

This is a best TV I have ever seen.