LG Display announced it will showcase several OLED prototypes and products at CES 2016 next week. LGD will show 65" and 77" 4K HDR OLED TVs, a paper-thin 55" concept, a 139" Vertical-Tiled OLED display and a 18" rollable OLED that has a curvature radius of 30 mm.

LGD 18'' rollable OLED prototype (CES 2016)

Most of these displays were already on display. The 18" rollable OLED was first demonstrated in July 2014 and in May 2015 LGD announced flat 0.97 mm thick 55" OLEDs. The 139" tiled display is now, although a few months ago LGD did showcase a 111" double-sided wave display that was made from three attached 65" 4K OLED panels.

This is quite underwhelming - in September LG themselves said they will bring 55" rollable OLED prototypes to CES - and later reports suggested that LG will actually bring 77" ones. LG Electronics is also set to unveil new OLED TVs, including ones under the ultra-premium new Signature range.



OLED Monitors. Please!

24" to 30" UHD OLED Monitors. With maybe 120+Hz? Please. PLEASE! If they can do 55+" and 18-" screens than please for the love of god finally give us a decent monitor with OLED. If you price it considerably low nobody will care about burn in 3 years.

¿Where is the panels oled Tv

¿Where is the panels oled Tv UHD 40"-43"? ¿Where Lg, Where?. ¿For 2050,2100.....?.

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