Next month LG will unveil a new premium home appliance brand - the LG Signature. This is the first time LG integrates different kinds of home appliances under one brand. The new ultra-premium line will target the "sensible rich".

LG Signature lineup teaser

LG further said that the new Signature line will consist (at first) of washing machines, refrigerators, air purifiers - and OLED TVs. The LG Signature OLED TV is focused on its essential element, a screen display - and will have no other elements to let users fully immerse in the image.



Thank you for this site, and

Thank you for this site, and please bring out other panasonic, sony, and samsung sites .

I don't get it - OLED TVs are

I don't get it - OLED TVs are already a premium product? At least the big 4K ones... Or is a 20K € TV too cheap for those "sensible rich"?

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