UDC - White OLED Technology Exceeds 100 lm/W

Universal Display (UDC) logoUniversal Display Corporation today announced that the company has successfully demonstrated a record-breaking white OLED with a power efficacy of 102 lumens per watt (lm/W) at 1000 cd/m2 using its proprietary, high-efficiency phosphorescent OLED technology.

Just last month at the Society for Information Display Symposium, Universal Display announced a new record of 72 lm/W. Since then, Universal Display has continued to make significant advances in this area achieving yet another major milestone toward commercialization. The milestone also demonstrates the potential of white OLEDs to offer significant energy savings and environmental benefits to end users around the world. For the first time, white OLEDs have surpassed the power efficacy of the two incumbent indoor lighting technologies - incandescent bulbs are less than 15 lm/W and most fluorescent lamps are 60 - 90 lm/W.

Funded in part by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) through its Solid-State Lighting initiative, Universal Display’s 102 lm/W milestone is a significant achievement toward the DOE's roadmap goal of a 150 lm/W commercial OLED light source by 2015.

This WOLED light source also offers a pleasing white emission with a color rendering index (CRI) of 70 and a coordinated color temperature (CCT) of 3900 Kelvin. This all-PHOLED structure uses complementary materials from Universal Display's collaboration partners at LG Chem and Nippon Steel Chemical Company.

Through the use of Universal Display’s PHOLED technology, power-efficient white OLEDs have the potential to reduce energy consumption dramatically and to lower the amount of by-product heat, which creates additional energy and environmental burdens. White OLEDs are also environmentally benign, especially compared to mercury-containing fluorescent lamps and newer compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs). It has been estimated that white OLEDs could worldwide save well over $20 billion in electric costs and over 9 million metric tonnes of carbon emissions from the U.S. alone by 2016.

Posted: Jun 18,2008 by Ron Mertens