Earlier today we learned that LG Display decided to stop investing in small and medium sized OLEDs. Now we hear that LG Display's CEO commented that Samsung is misleading the market - because OLED displays are not suitable for smartphones and tablets - "OLED displays are not suitable in terms of picture quality, response time, energy consumption and contrast ratios".

Samsung Super-AMOLED display

That is a very strange comments by LG - as we know that people love OLED displays. In fact recent reviews of Samsung's Super AMOLED Plus displays were raving - Engadget for example says that the Super AMOLED Plus is spectacular, and is on-par with Apple's Retina display. If the recent reports about Samsung's Super AMOLED HD displays are true - then this display will beat an IPS-LCD display hands down.

LGD still thinks that OLED is the next-generation display technology - but for TVs and not small sized mobile devices. The company decided to shift its OLED focus to large panels.

Interestingly, in the same article it is mentioned that Samsung is heavily pushing its OLED technology - and the company considers releasing an OLED notebook and laptop during 2011. Perhaps our assumption that the Super AMOLED HD displays are larger and will be used in tablets or small laptops. There are some reports that Samsung are working on a new device with a 5.3" AMOLED display that will bridge the gap between phone and tablet.

via KoreaTimes

Samsung is heavily pushing its OLED technology for mobile devices. Its Galaxy S has an OLED screen and it is also considering releasing OLED-embedded notebooks and laptops this year.



This looks more like the

This looks more like the Korean national OLED industry strategy to me: Samsung does the handheld-sized OLED display, while LG does the TV-scaled display. Which size is more suitable to OLED is irreverent.

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