LG plans to release 48" OLED TVs in the future

Yesterday at the OLED Korea conference, LG Display detailed its future plans for its OLED TV business - and besides the expected flexible, transparent, rollable and 8K panels, the company also said it plans to start producing 48" OLED TV panels:

This is the first time we hear of such plans, and it will be very good news to the many consumer who waited patiently for smaller OLED TVs.

As LGD is increasing its production capacity and aiming to be able to produce 10 million TVs by 2021, it will need to expand its OLED market and this is probably what's behind the decision to finally maker smaller OLED TV panels.

LGD also says it will expand its 8K OLED TV lineup with 65" and 77" 8K panels.

Posted: Mar 07,2019 by Ron Mertens