LG starts mass production at its 5-Gen OLED Lighting fab, with 30X its previous capacity

LG Display announced that it has started mass production at its new 5-Gen OLED lighting fab in Gumi, Korea. The 5-Gen line (1100x1250 mm substrates) has an initial capacity of 15,000 substrates per month - about 30 times the capacity of LG's previous 2-Gen line that had a monthly capacity of 4,000 substrates.

LGD 5-Gen OLED lighting fab in Gumi, Korea

LG hopes that the new line will enable it to produces OLED lighting panels at a much lower cost (initial estimates suggested a 95% cost reduction!) which it hopes will trigger the widespread adoption of OLED lighting globally.

LG Display has launched its new OLED lighting brand called Luflex, a portmanteau of lux and flexibility, which is a core characteristic of LG's OLED lighting.

LGD Luflex OLED lighting brand logo

LGD is currently targeting high end applications - such automobiles, museums, and hotels - but it hopes that OLED lighting will enter more mass markets now that prices can be lower.

In March 2016 LG Display announced its plans for the new 5-Gen fab, which was planned for the first half of 2017. LG did not meet its goal but even with half a year delay this is fantastic news for the OLED lighting industry!

LG Chem OLED panel price reduction 2012-2015LG Chem OLED fab cost estimation (2012)

Posted: Dec 08,2017 by Ron Mertens