LG installs a huge 13x8 meter OLED display at Seoul's Incheon airport, made from 140 individual 55" OLED TV displays. LG says this is the world's largest OLED display - as they consider this to be a single display.

LG 13x8m OLED installation Incheon airport

Those 55" OLEDs are 4K panels - which means that there are 290 million pixels in total. This looks like a beautiful display - and hopefully a great showcase of LG's OLED technology.

This indeed seems to be the world's largest OLED display. As far as I know, the previous record holder was Mitsubishi's 9.6x1.9 m Diamond Vision PMOLED display installed at Japan's Narita airport in June 2012. This display mas made from 2,000 96x96mm PMOLED panels.

LG 13x8m OLED TV installation Incheon airport



One gigantic OLED display

The adage for this one- Bigger IS better !

That screen area is larger

That screen area is larger then the footprint of my home! I can use it as a new roof and still have overhang.

Seems a tad wasteful - the

Seems a tad wasteful - the word of mouth from giving these away may have been more significant. ;)

But also, I find it a bit pathetic that they weren't able to put the panels together at least somewhat seamlessly. From the distance the photo was taken, you wouldn't see a few millimetres. It's obviously quite a bit more.

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