LG installs the world's largest "OLED Screen" at Seoul's Incheon airport

LG installs a huge 13x8 meter OLED display at Seoul's Incheon airport, made from 140 individual 55" OLED TV displays. LG says this is the world's largest OLED display - as they consider this to be a single display.

LG 13x8m OLED installation Incheon airport

Those 55" OLEDs are 4K panels - which means that there are 290 million pixels in total. This looks like a beautiful display - and hopefully a great showcase of LG's OLED technology.

This indeed seems to be the world's largest OLED display. As far as I know, the previous record holder was Mitsubishi's 9.6x1.9 m Diamond Vision PMOLED display installed at Japan's Narita airport in June 2012. This display mas made from 2,000 96x96mm PMOLED panels.

LG 13x8m OLED TV installation Incheon airport

Posted: Nov 19,2015 by Ron Mertens