According to reports, LG Display started to provide OLED displays to Nokia (the deal to supply OLEDs to Nokia was announced back in January 2011). Currently it's only a small amount of displays, but they say that Nokia is already shipping phones with LGD's OLEDs. The rest of Nokia's OLEDs come from Samsung Mobile Display. LG Display started producing AMOLEDs in their 4.5-Gen plant in February 2011.

The same report says that LG Electronics will release an OLED phone in the second half of 2011. LGD's "main display" will remain IPS-LCD, but they are ramping up OLED capacity in their Paju plant.



I hope that the LG OLED

I hope that the LG OLED panels are more color accurate than Nokia's current Samsung AMOLED displays, which have too cold of a color temperature.

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