LG Display shows its latest OLED displays at SID DW 2022

LG Display has unveiled a new foldable OLED panel, that can fold 360-degrees - both inwards and outwards. The panel is 8.03" in size with a resolution of 2480x2200, and has been tested for over 200,000 folding cycles. LGD says it developed a special folding structure to minimize creasing.

LG Display 8'' foldable P-OLED prototypes, SID 2022

LG is also showing other technologies and panels - a 17" folding display for laptops, a 97-inch OLED.EX TV panel, a bendable 42-inch gaming display and its 55" touch-enabled transparent OLEDs.


LG Display 42'' bendbale OLED monitor prototype, SID 2022

Another technology on display is LG's automotive OLED panels - LG is showing a flexible 34-inch P-OLED automotive display, which it says is the world’s largest automotive OLED panel. It is likely that this display is actually made from two (or more) OLED panels, as we've seen in several automotive setups.

Finally, LG is also showing its 0.42" OLED microdisplay for AR devices.

Posted: May 10,2022 by Ron Mertens