During a conference in Korea, LG Display's OLED technical strategy team leader Lim Joo-son said that the company's WRGB technology does not place any limits to the size of the OLED TVs they can make, and once the M2 goes into operation, the company will be able to produce 110" TVs.

LG Electronics 77-inch OLED TV prototype

LG also managed to increase the pixel density, and can now produce 8K (7680x4320) panels - but they admit that the smaller aperture in such panels limits the lifetime and they urgently need to develop longer lasting OLED materials.

Finally, Loo-son said that LG Display decided to apply out coupling technology (used in OLED Lighting panels) to maximize the luminance efficiency.

Another LGD official, Choi Dong Yuan, their global marketing manager, said that the company's OLED production yield reached 70%. This was actually expected last year and it's a very good indicator for LG's advanced OLED production position.

According to the same Chinese report, both Konka and Changhong are expecting to release OLED TVs soon (with LGD panels). Changhong will release its first OLED TV in mid May, with a price tag of less than 40,000 yuan ($6,400).

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