LG Chem unveils OLED lighting panels, to start mass production in 2H 2010

LG Chem is the latest company to start working on OLED Lighting. LG Chem is showing 4 sizes of OLED Lighting panels, in the form of a Mondrian photo:

  • 50x70 mm
  • 150x20 mm
  • 150x30 mm
  • 150x150 mm

LG Chem's panels use green and red PHOLED materials made by Universal Display, and SFC's deep-blue fluorescent OLED (UDC and SFC are working together since 2008). The basic structure is Anode-Blue-Intermediate Layer (using LG 101 materials) Green&Red Cathode, and the panels provide various color temperature (this was achieved by changing the thickness of materials and the laminar structure).


The OLEDs on display were cold, full white OLEDs, with 20-25lm/W efficiency and a color temperature of 5000-6800K.

LG Chem's plan is to mass produce OLED Lighting products in 2H 2010 and is developing equipment together with Sunic System. LG Chem currently uses 200x200 deposition equipment and pre-process equipment.

Posted: Nov 05,2009 by Ron Mertens