LG to bring a rollable OLED TV and a foldable OLED phone to CES 2019

LG Electronics demonstrated its 65" rollable OLED TV prototype in 2018, showing how such a display can be used to create a TV that rolls into its base.

LGD 65'' rollable OLED TV, CES 2018

Engadget says that LG has plans to showcase a rollable TV again in CES 2019 (January 9-11). Engadget says that according to its information the rollable TV will take "center stage" in next year's event - which may point to the fact that LG is close to commercializing such a TV. In 2017 LGD did say it plans to bring rollable OLED TVs to market by 2020.

Engadget also says that LG will showcase its first foldable smartphone prototype at the event. According to reports, LGD is developing a foldable OLED tablet with Lenovo and is also developing foldable OLED technologies together with Apple. It's highly likely that LG Electronics is also aiming to use LGD's future foldable OLEDs in its mobile devices.

Posted: Nov 04,2018 by Ron Mertens