LG announces its 2020 OLED TV lineup - with new 48-inch, gallery and rollable models

LG announced its 2020 OLED TV lineup - which includes 14 new OLED TVs, with some exciting new models and options.

LG 2020 OLED TV lineup photo

Starting at the entry-level, LG will offer the OLEDBX and OLEDCX ranges, which will be what most people will opt for. The most interesting new model is the 48-inch OLED 48CX. It will be interesting to see LG's pricing for the 48-inch model, it was not announced yet.

The next range is the OLED WX series, which are designed as Wallpaper - with a separate connector box and the TV can be hung on the wall using magnets. LG is also introducing a new similar TV, the OLED GX Gallery which combines a minimalist design, an ultra-thin (20 mm) form factor and a special wall mount to make it look as if it a piece of art.

LG GX Gallery OLED TV photo

Next up we have LG's 8K TVs, the OLEDZX series, and this year LG is also adding a 77" 8K model in addition to the 88" one.

Finally, we have the Rollable 65RX OLED TV. This seems to be similar in style to the 2019 model - which never shipped. But we do hope that LG will ship these TVs this year - and according to reports the price will be $60,000 in the US (!).

LG will no longer offer OLED-on-glass design TVs (like the OLED E-series and G-series) as it did in previous years. It will

LG's higher-end new OLED TVs are based on the company's 3rd-gen Alpha 9 intelligent processor and can be voice-controlled with a active-listening microphone in the TV itself. The OLED TVs also feature a 120Hz refresh rate, HDMI 2.1, Dolby Atmos and support for Apple's TV app, Amazon's Alexa and Google's Assistant.

Posted: Jan 07,2020 by Ron Mertens